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Particularly acute question of the need for early detection and correction of risk factors in modern populations, exacerbating the severity of hypertension. At the same time remain sensitive issues epidemiological study and control prehypertensive at the population level for the prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular complications, as epidemiological approach is an important informative and accessible method for assessing the prevalence of hypertension among the population. Especially arterial hypertension dangerous women during childbearing age, as it is of childbearing age, when a woman's body is ready to become a mother, that is, to give new life. Only a healthy mother can give a healthy generation. It is arterial hypertension as nothing more dangerous to the developing organism, as a severe disturbance of the circulation, which she leads, can lead to irreversible consequences, including the death of the fetus. Therefore, it is important to the detection of hypertension, especially its presence in prenosological period. The purpose of the study. Comparative study of the prevalence of prehypertension among reorganizational female population of the city of Andijan in ages.

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M. Valieva
Andijan state medical Institute

Z. Salahiddinov
Andijan state medical Institute

D. Kodirov
Andijan state medical Institute


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., ., . . Евразийский Кардиологический Журнал. 2019;(2S):21-22.

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Valieva M.Y., Salahiddinov Z.S., Kodirov D.A. THE EPYDEMIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF ARTERIAL HYPERTENSIONI. Eurasian heart journal. 2019;(2S):21-22.

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